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I've been in love with stories and storytelling since I was a little kid. Originally from Los Angeles, I grew up in a small town in Connecticut. I met my wife, Chris, when I was in the Navy, stationed at Port Hueneme, California.

After the Navy we moved to Michigan, from where Chris hails. I've been here ever since.

Books. Movies. Short stories. I love them all. Worlds created by the imagination are limitless. I felt compelled to create these worlds. Adventure, passion, or horror, lay before me; just over the horizon, in the eyes of a lover, or in an old haunted mansion on a dark and stormy night (Sorry, I had to throw that last one in there just for S&G's). 


Characters, at first as thin and plastic as if peeled from a Color-forms play set, became flesh, blood, and bone; as real and alive as my closest friend or mortal enemy. But what happened when I put them on the page shocked and amazed me. You see, I thought I was creating for them a world in which they would live, love, laugh- and kill.

Silly me. 


For something remarkable, and quite unexpected, happened. These characters, my creations, began doing things that I never dreamed they might. As each scene unfolded it became clearer to me that it was, in fact, these characters who were carrying me through worlds of their making. 


It seems I'm not much more than a silent witness. A mute scribe whose sole purpose it is to observe and record, and perhaps, from time to time, to be called upon to testify on their behalf. But for now, they thrill, sadden, and mortify me by the things they say and do. Through it all, they've taught me one very important lesson-- 

it's all about the Story!


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