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Eating Tapas

Out of the Blue - 2018

A "Coming of Middle Age" love story that challenges the notion that boys ever truly grow up.

At his 30th high school reunion, Jeff McKenna reconnects with an old friend. To Jeff, Nancy Daniels wasn't the one that got away so much as the one that never was, but should have been. They both intend to change that.


But still feeling the sting after a bitter divorce, Jeff lacks the confidence he once had when it comes to intimacy and is prescribed a little blue pill by his physician.

Also committed to seeing these two get together, is Jeff's eccentric best friend, Marty Barkley.  May God help them!

Death of the Muse - 2022

Muse (noun)- a goddess that inspires a creative artist, esp. a poet, or a writer.

A best selling romance novelist finally connects with the woman who has been the source of his inspiration for years. Hunter Pierce is a prolific writer, who churns out a bestseller every summer solstice. He has legions of fans around the world and is a money making machine for his publisher. 

But when love finds Hunter Pierce, his world changes forever. Driven only by his love for this woman, his muse, Hunter turns his back on everything else, including his career, to finally pursue the love of his life.

However, his cold and greedy publisher, Von Adler, won't stand for this kind of distraction and disruption to his business. He'll stop at nothing to prevent his prized author from losing his edge. Even if it means the death of the muse.

A thriller with real passion.

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